Time for the Pokal

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Time for the Pokal 05.09.2020_FCS-WFV_re-03305.09.2020_FCS-WFV_re-033Deutschland, Sand am Main, SeeStadion - 05.09.2020 - Fussball, Bayernliga Friendly - 1.FC Sand am Main vs. Würzburger FV

Images from the Bayernliga test match between 1.FC Sand and Würzburger FV.

-- Image: Max Schebak (1.FC Sand, #9) preparing for a shot on goal while heavily guarded by the Würzburger defense. --


     It's that time again. The Totopokal qualification rounds start Saturday for the Bayernliga Nord. 1.FC Sand am Main is getting a rematch of their friendly match that was played last week in Sand, with the exception that this match will be played in Würzburg. The friendly match started great for the Sander getting awarded a penalty shot within 90 seconds of the start of the match, which lead to the 1:0. Unfortunately for the "Korbmacher 11", that is where the luck ran out, losing 1:2.

     FC Sand had a very positive friendly season prior to the "re-start" and Trainer Matthias Strätz should very pleased with achieving a win in his first appearance as head coach in the Bayernliga Nord. Although FC Sand has a lot of reasons to be optimistic, the reality that every game against a Bayernliga team is a fresh start where anything can happen-- for better or for worse.

     Given that this upcoming match is Qualification Round for the Totopokal and not a league match, Matthias Strätz will have to make a decision if playing his starting 11 is worth the risk of an injury occurring to a player as opposed to only playing them for important Bayernliga Nord matches. 1.FC Sand currently sits at place 15 and the points needed for the league should far out-way a cup match.

     Regardless of the lineup on Saturday, Strätz has been able to identify strengths and weaknesses in the players to bring out their potential, even when playing a new position that they're not accustomed to. Out of the "Korbmacher" youth, Kevin Moser (1.FC Sand, #13) and Sebastian Albert (1.FC Sand, #29) have been the two players that will definitely have a future with the first team in Sand; both of them played in the home win against ATSV Erlangen and have shown that they are able to keep up with the demanding pace of the Bayernliga Nord.


Next Match:
Qualification Round- Bayerisher Totopokal
Würzburger FV vs. 1.FC Sand am Main
26.09.2020 -- 1400 hrs.


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