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The "Korbmacher 11" traveling to the Grüne Au for their first Liga Pokal match.


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The Sander travel to Ammerthal The Sander travel to Ammerthal

(Bayernliga Nord / 25th Matchday)

Ammerthal-FCS BlogAmmerthal-FCS BlogDeutschland, Sand am Main, SeeStadion - 12.07.2019 - Fussball, Bayernliga Nord - 1.FC Sand am Main vs. DJK Ammerthal

Bild: Freistoß für DJK Ammerthal; Andre Karzmarczyk (DJK Ammerthal, #18)

Foto: PresseFoto Evans / Ryan Evans
-- Image: Free kick from 23 meters out for DJK Ammerthal; Andre Karzmarczyk (DJK Ammerthal, #18). --


Projected Starting 11: FC Sand- GK Geier, T. Schlereth , Karmann, Moser, Schebak, Steinmann, Rugovaj, Gonnert, Thomann, Bechmann, Zang

Reserves: GK Klemm, Witchen, Rippstein, Albert, Wagner (Playing, but Injured)

Out: D. Schlereth (Injured)

Trainer: Matthias Strätz


In the last five matches played in the Bayernliga Nord, both 1.FC Sand and the DJK Ammerthal have had similar results with only archiving two victories. The major factor standing in front of Ammerthal is that FC Sand went into the winter break with a victory and also started after the break with a victory, opposed to Ammerthal continuing their losing streak from before the break. The Sander having the momentum of a good start in their favor, but Ammerthal has the luxury on being 5th place in the standings and should have no problem playing it safe against the visiting 15th place.


            Captain Andre Karmann will be back in the Midfield after not playing last week’s Totopokal match against Würzburger FV. Karmann assures that the team is playing to win and only have winning on their mind. During the last meeting between the teams, neither team left the Seestadion the victor, with the match ending 1-1.


Wir fahren nach Ammerthal um zu gewinnen- nichts anderes!
Mit Teamwork, Kampf und Leidenschaft !

-Captain Andre Karmann (1.FC Sand, #7)


            The “Starting 11” is projected to be the same as it was during the win against ATSV Erlangen for the Bayernliga re-start. Trainer Matthias Strätz has been testing players in new positions and is not afraid to try new tactics, but since the play was solid in his last match, its safe to say that he will be leaving the working strategy alone.



As always during Corona, limited entry will be permitted at the game, so its important to get to the field early to ensure that you get a ticket. The Match will take place on Saturday, 03.10.2020 at 1500 hrs. at Sportgelände Ammerthal Platz 1 | Pürschläger Weg 2 | 92260 Ammerthal.

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Time for the Pokal Time for the Pokal 05.09.2020_FCS-WFV_re-03305.09.2020_FCS-WFV_re-033Deutschland, Sand am Main, SeeStadion - 05.09.2020 - Fussball, Bayernliga Friendly - 1.FC Sand am Main vs. Würzburger FV

Images from the Bayernliga test match between 1.FC Sand and Würzburger FV.

-- Image: Max Schebak (1.FC Sand, #9) preparing for a shot on goal while heavily guarded by the Würzburger defense. --


     It's that time again. The Totopokal qualification rounds start Saturday for the Bayernliga Nord. 1.FC Sand am Main is getting a rematch of their friendly match that was played last week in Sand, with the exception that this match will be played in Würzburg. The friendly match started great for the Sander getting awarded a penalty shot within 90 seconds of the start of the match, which lead to the 1:0. Unfortunately for the "Korbmacher 11", that is where the luck ran out, losing 1:2.

     FC Sand had a very positive friendly season prior to the "re-start" and Trainer Matthias Strätz should very pleased with achieving a win in his first appearance as head coach in the Bayernliga Nord. Although FC Sand has a lot of reasons to be optimistic, the reality that every game against a Bayernliga team is a fresh start where anything can happen-- for better or for worse.

     Given that this upcoming match is Qualification Round for the Totopokal and not a league match, Matthias Strätz will have to make a decision if playing his starting 11 is worth the risk of an injury occurring to a player as opposed to only playing them for important Bayernliga Nord matches. 1.FC Sand currently sits at place 15 and the points needed for the league should far out-way a cup match.

     Regardless of the lineup on Saturday, Strätz has been able to identify strengths and weaknesses in the players to bring out their potential, even when playing a new position that they're not accustomed to. Out of the "Korbmacher" youth, Kevin Moser (1.FC Sand, #13) and Sebastian Albert (1.FC Sand, #29) have been the two players that will definitely have a future with the first team in Sand; both of them played in the home win against ATSV Erlangen and have shown that they are able to keep up with the demanding pace of the Bayernliga Nord.


Next Match:
Qualification Round- Bayerisher Totopokal
Würzburger FV vs. 1.FC Sand am Main
26.09.2020 -- 1400 hrs.

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Strätzi Wins first start as Coach "Strätzi" Wins first start as Coach

19.09.2020_FCS-ATSV_re-10919.09.2020_FCS-ATSV_re-109Deutschland, Sand am Main, SeeStadion - 19.09.2020 - Fussball, Bayernliga Nord - “Re-Start” - 1.FC Sand am Main vs. ATSV Erlangen

Image: (fLTR) FC Sand celebrates with Ralph Thomann (1.FC Sand, #14) after shooting the 1:0 in the 55’. That would be the winning goal.
-- Image: Ralph Thomann (1.FC Sand, #14) was floating in the clouds after scoring the 1:0 with a headball from a crossed free kick. --


Starting 11: FC Sand- GK Geier, Moser , Karmann , T.Schlereth, Schebak, Steinmann, Rugovaj, Gonnert, Thomann, Bechmann, Albert

Reserves: Witchen, Rippstein, Lörzer, Zeiß, Durst, Wagner (Injured)

Trainer: Matthias Strätz


     With the restricted amount of 200 visitors and a very tense feeling throughout the Sander Seestadion, #15 1.FC Sand took the pitch to take on #8 ATSV Erlangen. The match began with a very fast play with offensive positioning of the entire Sander line-up which created a lot of failed chances on goal. ATSV Erlangen also showed a lot of good tactics and wer better suited when the ball possession changed, allowing them to have a few quick counterattacks early in the match with proved to be dangerous territory for Sand.

     On one counter started by a long through-pass up the middle, Joe Bechmann (1.FC Sand, #2) was forced to use a risky move to jockey the last man in order to jockey him off of his route, therefore ruining the ATSV scoring chances. ATSV was livid and demanded an explanation from the referee as to why the play was not stopped, nor a card given to Bechmann. The referee clammily explained the new rule to ATSV trainer staff that "if the tackle of the last man still allows the attack to  continue on with the ball to the goal, play will continue and no card will be issued". This shows that a life of Fußball and the recent Referees course has really paid off for Joe Bechmann and the 1.FC Sand.

     Going in the lock room at halftime with a 0:0 scoreline was not a pleasant feeling for the Sander after having many scoring opportunities, but surely after the start of the 2nd half  that all would change. In the 55 minute, Ralph Thomann (1.FC Sand, #14) would strike gold with a header into the net from a set piece from Steinmann. The Sander celebrated the goal, but realised that there was still a lot of game to be played. The tense feeling was almost unbearable in the final minutes of the game while waiting for the referee to blow the final whistle. With a few long balls played forward, in a last-ditch effort from Erlangen, the whistle was blown and Trainer Matthias Strätz was able to pick up his first Bayernliga Nord win on his first attempt and a much-need win to "Re-Start" the 2nd half of the season after the long coronavirus break.

The biggest highlight of the match was clearly Ralph Thomann becuase he shot the goal to secure the win, but the MOTM, for me, was Kevin Moser (1.FC Sand, #13). Moser played 90' of fußball with pure heart and is only getting better under the current layout of the team. 1.FC Sand are set to have their next match in the Bayerischer Toto Pokal at Würzburger FV on 26.09.2020, but with coronavirus restrictions and the amount of infections in the area, it is possible to have a cancelation of the match or perhaps a change of the home right for the match to be played in Sand.

📷:: For Images from the game click the link below: 👇
1.FC Sand am Main vs ATSV Erlangen (Bayernliga Nord)

]]> (PresseFoto Evans) ATSV Bayernliga Nord BFV Erlangen FC Sand FCS FuPa hassberge Re-Start Sand am Main Spieler Sun, 20 Sep 2020 06:44:59 GMT
Ready for the "Re-Start" FCS: 1st and 2nd Teams both win their last test before "Re-Start"

16.09.2020_FCSII-SCTT_re-00616.09.2020_FCSII-SCTT_re-006Deutschland, Sand am Main, SeeStadion - 16.09.2020 - Fussball, Friendly - FC Sand II vs. SC Trossenfurt/ tretzendorf

Image: Fabian Zehe (FC Sand II, #1) prior to the start of the test match against SC Trossenfurt/ Tretzendorf.

     FC Sand II clearly showed their dominance from the start of the game in their test against SC Trossenfurt/ Tretzendorf, with a barrage of shots on goal. Unfortunately, most of those shots in the first half were aimlessly off target; there is a clear area that Trainer Christian Michl will have to focus on during the next coming weeks when league games are starting back up.

     A big positive that shines through is the use of the players that have come out of the "Korbmacher" youth. This not only ensures the number of players for a roster will be filled, but the player chemistry is already there since they have been playing together during the previous seasons. All four goals in this game from FC Sand were scored by youth players that have moved into the adult league this year. The match ended 4:1 for Sand, with the only goal against coming from a perfectly placed free kick from just outside the top of the box.

     FC Sand II is lacking the points to relax during their remaining games and will be in a mad scramble to secure as many points as possible to try and avoid relegation. The Sander are not yet mathematically knocked out of the Bezirksliga, but the probability is high that the two Hausberge teams promoted, Sand and Steinbach, will be in the Kreisliga next year.


📷:: For Images from the game click the link below: 👇
FC Sand II vs SC Trossenfurt/ Tretzendorf (TS)


The weekend Matches for the FC Sand are as follows:

(Bayernliga Nord) 1.FC Sand am Main vs ATSV Erlangen - Saturday, 19.09.2020 - 1630 hrs

(Bezirksliga Ost) FC Sand II vs FC Thulba - Sunday, 20.09.2020 - 1500 hrs.


Due to Corona Restrictions, the BFV is only allowing 200 Visitors to attend the game, so if you really want to see the game live, be out in front of the SeeStadion early with "A Pen and Ausweiss/ ID" for the guest registration. Registration forms will be destroyed 4 weeks after the matchday.



]]> (PresseFoto Evans) Bayernliga Nord BFV Erlangen FC Sand FCS FuPa Re-Start Sand am Main SC SC Trossenfurt/ Tretzendorf Spieler Trossenfurt Wed, 16 Sep 2020 19:30:19 GMT
“Re-Start”: 1.FC Sand vs ATSV Erlangen “Re-Start”: 1.FC Sand vs ATSV Erlangen

24.Spieltag  Bayernliag Nord


-- Image: Thorsten Schlereth (FC Sand, #6) shooting the 1:2 goal during the teams previous visit to Erlangen. --


Projected Starting 11: FC Sand- GK Geier, T. Schlereth , Karmann , D. Schlereth, Schebak, Steinmann, Rugovaj, Gonnert, Thomann, Bechmann, Zang

Reserves: Witchen, Rippstein, Albert, Lörzer, Zeiß, Durst, Moser, Wagner (Injured)

Trainer: Matthias Strätz


Projected Starting 11: ATSV Erlangen - GK  Jurkic, Kleefeldt, Geyer, Ort, Nyary, Meleleo, Daoud, Fischer, Marx, Piwernetz, Mandelkow

Reserves: ETW Kraut, Graine, Boakye, Sormaz, Ferizi

Trainer:  Shqipran Skeraj


     Sitting at 15th place on the ranking, FC Sand is hoping for a “re-start” that produces the some needed points. In the previous five games prior to the interruption of the corona virus, than Trainer Deiter Schlereth’s team was only unable to produce four points with a win and a tie. ATSV was also able to pull a minimal five points out of five matches, but were about to gain 16 points from the last nine matches against teams from the lower third of the rankings. The preliminary round, the ATSV Erlangen won 4:1 in a very aggressive game, with the majority of the goals coming in the 2nd half.

     Since the two teams meet last, a lot of changes have been made to the team’s rosters. ATSV’s roster is almost a completely different team than the opponents that played Sand in Erlangen. FC Sand’s roster has remained somewhat constant, with the few exceptions; one notably being a new Trainer, Matthias Strätz. Strätz has had a lot of success with his short time with the team during the preparation phase of the restart, where his team won the majority of the friendly matches. Sand also added Forward Max Schabek, who transferred to the FC during the corona break from the TSV Aubstadt (Regionalliga Bayern), to help secure the “klassenerhalt”. After seeing the positive outcomes from the test matches, a feeling of optimism is being felt towards the team's season goal of holding the league.


Matthias Strätz when asked about his feelings/expectations of heading into his first Bayernliga Nord game as Head Coach-

"Fühl mich super und freu mich sehr auf Samstag 💪🔥. Es macht ewig viel Spaß mit der Mannschaft zu arbeiten. Sie ziehen alle gut mit und man merkt das wir uns von Woche zu Woche weiterentwickeln".

Meine Erwartung:
Wieder als Mannschaft auftreten,
Wille, Leidenschaft,
jeder 100% für den anderen gibt,
viel reden, Körpersprache und die Vorgaben als Team wieder gut umsetzen.
Wenn wir das beherzigen ist am Samstag alles möglich...

     The “Re-Start” of the Bayernliga Nord will be started with 24th matchday on Saturday (19.09.2020 /16:30 hrs). This will also be the first match since the corona virus outbreak in which fans will be permitted to watch their team play.



]]> (PresseFoto Evans) ATSV ATSV Erlangen Bayernliga Nord BFV Erlangen FC Sand FCS FuPa Re-Start Sand am Main Spieler Tue, 15 Sep 2020 14:00:50 GMT
Musik in Knetzgau Spielt wieder  


Image: The Knetzgauer Turngarten was filled with people being Serenaded by the Musikvereine Knetzgau.


     After several events being cancelled this year due to Corona safety restrictions, music is once again being played in Knetzgau. The Musikverein Knetzgau held an Open Air concert, “Serenade” in the Turngarten. This will be the first event held in Gemeinde Knetzgau in ca. eight months after the cancellation of events such as the Tanzgala (KSV Knetzgau) and the Open Air concerts in Oberschwappach from the Veranstaltungsservice Bamberg in June.


     Ca. 160 visitors attended the “serenade 2020” concert and there was a registration at the entrance to maintain the chain of infection. The public was asked to bring their own food/drink, as well as a camping stool for individual seating.


     The concert last a little under an hour and had a variety of music from classical to modern pop culture. The pop culture hits that were played- Eric Clapton’s “Laya”, “Wonderful Tonight”, “Tears in heaven”, along with Michael Jackson’s “heal the World”- were following the theme of healing during an uncertain time during this pandemic.


     At the end of the event, the orchestra finished with the Reservistenkameradschaft Knetzgau march out in formation with flaming torches to the “Kleiner Zapfenstreich”. The crowd was continuously clapping and an encore of the “Bayernhymne” was played as the crowd stood in respect to Bavaria. The audience seemed pleased to be able to attend the concert and have 90 minutes that captured a few moments of normalcy as a time before the Corona virus.


📷:: For Images from the event click the link below: 👇

Musikverein Knetzgau Serenade 2020


]]> (PresseFoto Evans) concert konzert musik Musikverein Knetzgau MVK Serenade 2020 turngarten Sun, 13 Sep 2020 19:00:10 GMT
5:0 for the "Korbmacher 11"; Final Test ends in "Kantersieg" 5:0 for the "Korbmacher 11"; Final Test ends in "Kantersieg"


-- Image: Andre Karmann (1.FC Sand, #7) wins a header from a corner against Julian Hippacher (TG Höchberg, #11), which would end up in the net for the 1:0 in the 12’. --    


Starting 11: FC Sand-  GK Geier, Schlereth T, Karmann, Steinmann, Rugovaj, Durst, Thomann, Bechmann, Zang, Moser, Witchen

Reserves: Albert, Lörzer, Wagner

Trainer: Matthias Strätz


Starting 11: TG Höchberg-  GK Dominik Daxhammer, Rene Riebe, Felix Thiele, Friedrich Philipp-Messerschmidt, Philipp Glücker, Sven Burkard, Julian Hippacher, Noah Lehner, Lennart Bolg, Tom Bretorius, Ramon Schmitt

Reserve: Tristan Schmid, Tobias Riedner, Luca Gegenwarth, Alex Beier

Trainer: Thomas Kaiser


     Everyone was awaiting the results of the final test match prior to the begin of the 2nd leg of the season, and a goal festival for the “Korbmacher 11”, which left the few people that were able to sneak a peak of the game from the nearby gaststätte or peaking through the fence in awe. With a 5:0 clear victory over the Landesliga club, you would think that FC Sand would be satisfied, but Trainer Matthias Strätz continues to focus on the weakness of his team in order to eliminate them completely.


     This game, played 11.09.2020 1815 hrs., was played without the help of four of the normal starters and you can honestly say that you couldn’t notice the difference in the game play. Strätzi pointed out that the game was played at a slower pace than normal and a bit sloppy, but overall was effective against the opposing TG Höchberg. Three key players weren’t present for the game, which would have drastically changed the outcome of the game for the Sander and would have allowed for an even greater amount of offensive scoring chances – Max Schebak (Forward), D. Schlereth (Midfeild), and Chris Gonnert (Defense). The start of the game was, slow but even at a change of pace, A. Karmann (FC Sand, #7) was about to score in the 12’ with a headball floated into the net from a corner kick by Kevin Steinmann (FC Sand, #21). The Sander weren’t able to score another goal in the 1st half, even though they were 16-2 in chances on goal comparing to their opponent, TG Höchberg.


     After a stern review of the 1st half by Matthias Strätz, the Sander were about to pick up the pace and score 4 goals in the 2nd half. Shaban Rugovaj (FC Sand, #3) was the lead scorer of the match with a Hat Trick (3), scoring in the 63’, 67’, and in the 76’.Despite some missed opportunities from FC Sand during the game, they seem to have a better cohesiveness coming out of the corona break than what they did prior to the interruption of the season. FC Sand is currently placed 15 on the standings and is optimistic to holding the league and avoiding relegation.

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 23.38.39Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 23.38.39

The Teams next match, with Fans, will be a Bayernliga Nord match played in Sand at 1600hrs. on 19.09.2020 vs. ATSV Erlangen.

📷:: For Images from the game click the link below: 👇
1.FC Sand am Main vs TG Höchberg (Friendly)


]]> (PresseFoto Evans) Bayernliga Nord BFV FC Sand FCS FuPa Höchberg Sand am Main Spieler TG TG Höchberg Würzburg Fri, 11 Sep 2020 21:45:17 GMT
Last Test for 1.FC Sand before "Re-Start" Last Test for 1.FC Sand before "Re-Start"


-- Image: Thorsten Schlereth (1.FC Sand, #6) in action against three Höchberger defenders, taken during the last match againsgt TG Höchberg in the Toto Pokale Qualification round. --


Projected Starting 11: FC Sand-  GK Geier, Schlereth T, Schlereth D, Schebak, Steinmann, Rugovaj, Gonnert, Thomann, Bechmann, Zang, Moser

Reserves: Witchen, Rippstein, Albert, Lörzer, Zeiß, Durst, Wagner (Injured), Karmann (Injured)

Trainer: Matthias Strätz


Projected Starting 11: TG Höchberg-  GK Dominik Daxhammer, Rene Riebe, Alex Beier, Friedrich Philipp-Messerschmidt, Philipp Glücker, Sven Burkard, Julian Hippacher, David Schug, Lennart Bolg, Tom Bretorius, Ramon Schmitt

Reserve: ETW Tobias Weihs, Tristan Schmid, Noah Lehner, Tobias Riedner, Jeffrey Karl

Trainer: Thomas Kaiser


On Friday evening 1.FC sand will be playing their last test match against TG Höchberg (Würzburg) prior to the “Re-Start” next weekend (19.09.2020). The last time that FC Sand played against TG Höchberg was in the Bayerischer Toto-Pokal Qualification round in July 2018 that ended with a 1:3 victory for the Sander. The “Korbmacher 11” are hoping to win out their last test match, continuing their well-played matches in the preparation stage of the corona break. The team seems revived after the long corona disruption and has been able to give the club a little bit more optimism of them remaining in the Bayernliga Nord.


Trainer Matthias Strätz will have one more game to work out any problems with his team and begin earning some much-needed points in the league match. 1.FC Sand is currently ranking #15 in the Bayernliga Nord, but is also accompanied by many other clubs that are only a few games away in point difference.

No Fans will in allowed in the seestadion for this final test match, but the game on the 19.09.2020 against ATSV Erlangen will be opened to the first 400 fans that show up at the ticket gate. It is reccomneded to come a bit earlier than the game and grab a bite to eat to ensure that you are permitted access to the game, otherwise, you will have to follow the match on Sporttotal.Tv (FC Sand)

]]> (PresseFoto Evans) am Bayernliga Nord BFV FC Sand FCS Friendly FT Haßberge FuPa hassberge Main Rasen Sand Spieler Testspiel TG TG Höchberg TS Thu, 10 Sep 2020 14:53:58 GMT
1.FC Sand loses friendly against WFV 05.09.2020_FCS-WFV_re-Blog05.09.2020_FCS-WFV_re-Blog -- Image: (fLTR) Jasmin Kadiric (Würzburger FV, #21) attempts to get his foot in front of the MOTM, Kevin Steinmann (1.FC Sand, #21), before he can get his shot off; Steinmann was fouled by Kadiric. --


Starting 11: GK Geier, Schlereth T, Schlereth D, Schebak, Steinmann, Rugovaj, Gonnert, Thomann, Bechmann, Zang, Moser

Reserves: Witchen, Rippstein, Albert, Lörzer, Zeiß, Durst, Wagner (Injured), Karmann (Injured)


During the test match against the Würzberger FV, Trainer Matthias Strätz had a few key decisions that needed to be made when positioning his starting 11. With two of his starters out, Andre Karmann and Sebastian Wagner out due to injury, Strätz had a chance to see how some of his players would fair playing a different role.


Without Andre Karmann sealing up the midfield, a clearly weaker line was apparent but would be quickly realized by the (My Opinion) “Man of the Match”, Kevin Steinmann (1.FC Sand, #21), which he was able to adjust to the role seamlessly. Without the reliable “#7” in midfield, it seems that there was more of a need to play the long ball from the defense forward to the strikers covering the corners.


In the 69’, a 5-man substitution was made in order to get everyone on the team some playing time.  The gameplay slowed after the substitution and the 1:2 goal fell in 81’. The goal was scored on a 1-on-1 fast break by Julian Wild (WFV, #14); GK Markus Geier (1.FC Sand, #22) flared out in a last-ditch effort to block the ball, but Wild juked around Geier and put the ball in the back of the net.

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 13.40.35Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 13.40.35

All in all, the “Korbmacher 11” clearly got more out of the test match since the Sander tried new tactics and players covering down on different positions/roles and will have a better understanding player’s strengths/ weaknesses in future matches. The WFV also had a player that was continually falling to the ground which was a huge hindrance and disrupted the flow of the game. Strätz said after the match that he was generally please with the performance of his team, but mentioned that a few more changes need to be made to get the full effectiveness out of his team. 

The Teams will be meeting again, with Fans, in a Toto-Pokale Match. This match will be played in Würzburg at 1400hrs. on 26.09.2020.

📷:: For Images from the game click the link below: 👇
1.FC Sand am Main vs Würzburger FV (Bayernliga Friendly)


]]> (PresseFoto Evans) Bayernliga Nord BFV FC Sand FCS Friendly FT Haßberge FuPa hassberge Rasen Sand am Main Spieler Testspiel TS WFV Würzburger Tue, 08 Sep 2020 11:04:06 GMT
Dorfrocker rock their "Heimat" Kirchaich Dorfrocker rock their "Heimat" Kirchaich

06.09.2020_Dorfrocker_kirchaich_re-13006.09.2020_Dorfrocker_kirchaich_re-130Deutschland, Kirchaich, Festplatz - 06.09.2020 - Concert, “Die Heldentour” - Dorfrockers Concert in Kirchaich

Image: The DorfRockers preform in at the Festplatz in their hometown of Kirchaich during their “HeldenTour”.

-- Image: Markus Thomann (Accordion/Bass) takes center-stage for his time to shine, as Brother Tobias takes to the drums in support. --


The Dorfrocker are a well-known Party-Band from Kirchaich (Landkreis Haßberge) known for providing a great atmosphere with their fest music .The Dorfrocker have returned to Kirchaich from their "Helden Tour" to play a 2-hour concert to their many fans from their "heimat" district of Haßberge. Around 400 people were in attendance of the event held by the Kirchaich Freiwillige Feuerwehr and all safety regulations were enforced as a part of the corona virus.

The Brother Trio of Phillip, Tobias, and Markus Thomann rocked the “aich”, with the music being able to be heard throughout the neighboring town of Trossenfurt. They got the party started with their song “Feuerwhren” for their Kirchaich FFW host; they also featured new songs to their tour, such as a new fan favorite “Stillen Helden”.


Being such a small venue, everyone was at a table that a good view of the stage was not a problem. Lines for the stands, such as the Food/Drink and restrooms never had a line of more than a few minutes. Overall the event was a success with the public being entertained by the Dorfrocker.

If you were unable to make it to the event, you can live the concert through the image gallery, the link is posted below:

📷:: The Dorfrocker Rock the "Aich"  🎶 🎸 🍻

]]> (PresseFoto Evans) Aich band concert Coronavirus Dorfrocker fans festplatz hassberge Heimat Heldentour Kirchaich konzert music musik Stille Helden Tour Mon, 07 Sep 2020 16:32:06 GMT
1.FC Sand "Geisterspiel" Friendly match against SV Euerbach/Kützberg Deutschland, Euerbach, Sportplatz Euerbach - 29.08.2020 - Fussball, Friendly, Bayernliga - SV Euerbach/Kützberg vs. 1.FC Sand am Main

-- 0:2 Final for FCS --

29.08.2020_SVE-FCS_re-05529.08.2020_SVE-FCS_re-055Deutschland, Euerbach, Sportplatz Euerbach - 29.08.2020 - Fussball, Friendly, Bayernliga - SV Euerbach/Kützberg vs. 1.FC Sand am Main

Image: Ralph Thomann (1.FC Sand, #14) being tackled at the top of the box, setting up a Penalty Shot that was taken by Kevin Steinmann (1.FC Sand, #21) (not pictured) ; 0:2 FCS.
(Image: Ralph Thomann (1.FC Sand, #14) being tackled at the top of the box, setting up a Penalty Shot that was taken by Kevin Steinmann (1.FC Sand, #21) (not pictured) ; 0:2 FCS.)


In front of an empty stadium, FC Sand played a friendly away match against the nearby landesligaists, SV Euerbach. The Sportplatz was Chained/ closed off to visitors, but that didn't stop a few fans from watching parts of the game from a distance from the Sportheim biergarten. 

A slow start for FC Sand and SV Euerbach had a few very good chances on goal. One scoring chance for SVE was a ball shot at an empty goal cleared off of the line by Sebastian Albert (FCS). FC Sand let a few starters sit for this game, notably Thorsten Schlereth, to give more playing time to the new players. The clear highlight of the 1st half was, without a doubt, the penalty save made by GK Markus Geier (FCS) in the 44’. This Penalty Kill gave Sand an extra burst of motivation heading into the 2nd half.

In the 2nd Half, the game opened up and became more aggressive, with a lot of strong tackles from both teams. Heavy pressure from Shaban Rugovaj (FCS) on the Euerbacher defense lead to some confusion, which lead to a back-pass to an unsuspecting goalie, ending up with the ball in the back of the net. The Majority of the half was spent on the attacking side for the Sander forwards. The final nail in the coffin came in the 58', when Ralph Thomann (FCS) was foul just inside of the box. This foul set up the 0:2 as Kevin Steinmann (FCS) effortlessly shot the ball into the corner of the net.  

TR Matthias Strätz (FCS) was overall pleased with his team's preformance, but was mainly focused on the 2nd half, which was clearly more productive for FC Sand. The Friendly match ended 0:2 with no injuries and 3 yellow cards. (2 FCS/ 1 SVE).


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Celebration and Sadness collide for FC Sand      With 1.FC Sand struggling with a growing list of Injuries, they are also struggling to pick up points against lower rated teams in the Bayernliga Nord. Now dropping down to the accustomed 14th place, Trainer Dieter Schlereth needs to find a way to motivate his available squad to fill the void. The clear missing pieces of the chain are Joe Bechmann (injured) and Danny Schlereth (Injured), which hinders the normal flow of play for the “korbmacher 11”. Bachmann is listed as “Probable” in the next match against ATSV Erlangen on Saturday, but is expected to play.  ATSV is expected to listed as the favourite with a record of 2-2-1.


03.08.2019_FCS-ASV_re-8 copy03.08.2019_FCS-ASV_re-8 copyDeutschland, Sand am Main, SeeStadion - 03.08.2019 - Fussball, Bayernliga Nord - 1.FC Sand am Main vs. ASV Cham

Bild: Andre Schmitt (1.FC Sand, #19) nach einer Verletzung vom Feld getragen werden; Zerrissene Achillessehne.

Foto: PresseFoto Evans / Ryan Evans


Image: Andre Schmitt (1.FC Sand,#19) being carried from the field, during the match against ASV Cham on 03.08.2019, after tearing his Achilles tendon.




     Christian Michl’s FCS II celebrates a huge win in their first Bezirksliga derby against the DJK Dampach; this win also marks the first win for FC Sand II in the Bezirksliga Ost. Thiemo Persch (DJK, #13) started the scoring early with a goal in the 13th minute to give the Dampfacher a short-lived lead. A penalty shot awarded in the 25th minute, giving Dampfach a chance to regain the lead, but the shot that beat Keeper Fabian Zehe didn’t beat the post. Julius Neundörfer then shined with his double pack, hitting the net in the 21st and 37th minute. The uneventful 2nd half produced no goals, allowing Sand to edge out the DJK with a final of 1:2.

03.08.2019_DJK-FCSII_re002 copy03.08.2019_DJK-FCSII_re002 copyDeutschland, Sand am Main, SeeStadion - 03.08.2019 - Fussball, Bayernliga Nord - 1.FC Sand am Main vs. ASV Cham

Bild: Jusuf Kurtanovic (FC Sand II, #8) nach die 1:1 Torschuss von Julius Neundörfer (FC Sand II, #11)

Foto: PresseFoto Evans / Ryan Evans

Image: Jusuf Kurtanovic (FC Sand II, #8) celebrates after Julius Neundörfer (FC Sand II, #11) score the 1:1 in the derby against DJK Dampfach.




Next Week’s Games:

Bayernliga- @ATSV Erlangen 10.08

BZL Ost- vs. FC Westheim 11.08


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Kinder helfen Kindern Kinder helfen Kindern

01.06.2019_Kinderhospiz_Knetzgau_re-03901.06.2019 ++ Erstkommunionkindern der Pfarreiengemeinschaft Knetzgau ++** Click to view more images **

     Ein Großteil der Erstkommunionkindern der Pfarreiengemeinschaft Knetzgau hat in diesem Jahr auf ein Gegengeschenk verzichtet und stattdessen an das Malteser Kinderhospiz Gruppe Haßberge Geld gespendet. Bei der Übergabe erfuhren die Kinder noch genaueres über die Arbeit und auch wofür dieses Geld verwendet wird. Insgesamt konnten Claudia Stadelmann und Traudel Schulz einen stolzen Betrag von 1155€ für das Kinderhospiz entgegennehmen. Auf dem Bild zu sehen sind Claudia Stadelmann und Traudel Schulz vom Malteser-Hilfsdienst und einige Kommunionkinder mit ihren Müttern.

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1.FC Sand am Main hoping for points in Gebenbach! Searching for Points in Gebenbach


Andre Karmann (1.FC Sand am Main, #7) taking a shot on the DJK Gebenbach's goal. Karmann will not be taking the field in Gebenbach after receiving a Red in Vach.1.FC Sand vs. DJK GebenbachAndre Karmann (1.FC Sand am Main, #7) taking a shot on the DJK Gebenbach's goal. Karmann will not be taking the field in Gebenbach after receiving a Red in Vach.

++ Image: Andre Karmann (1.FC Sand am Main, #7) taking a shot on the DJK Gebenbach's goal. Karmann will not be taking the field in Gebenbach after receiving a Red in Vach. Foto: PFE ++


1.FC Sand am Main is heading to DJK Gebenbach on Saturday 20/4 looking for some much-needed points to stay out of the red in the fight against demotion to the landesliga. With only 8 points separating the first relegation position to the direct demotion, none of the five teams currently holding a relegation position are resting easy.



14 ASV Vach 29 9 2 18 37 : 63 -26 29 ASCENDING
15 FSV Erlangen-Bruck 29 8 4 17 41 : 58 -17 28 DESCENDING
16 1. FC Sand 28 7 4 17 35 : 57 -22 25 DESCENDING
17 SpVgg Jahn Forchheim 27 6 5 16 47 : 69 -22 23 CONSTANT
18 ASV Neumarkt 28 5 6 17 22 : 67 -45 21 CONSTANT


With a continuous team effort against SC Eltersdorf in the SeeStadion, The team will have a little bit of momentum heading into the head of the currently #1 ranked team in the Bayernliga North. The young and confident Danny Schlereth will be acting captain while Andre Karmann is serving his suspension for his Red Card in Vach; his role change from defense to midfield turned a favourable result against Bernd Eigner's Eltersdorf and head coach Dieter Schlereth is looking for more of the same gameplay to bring some points back with them to the FC.


FC Sand: Projected lineup against DJK Gebenbach-

Klemm, Geier – Bechmann, Flachsenberger, Gonnert, D. Schlereth, Witchen, Reith, Steinmann, T. Schlereth, D. Schmitt, Moser, Röder, Markof, Rugovaj.


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