“Re-Start”: 1.FC Sand vs ATSV Erlangen

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“Re-Start”: 1.FC Sand vs ATSV Erlangen

24.Spieltag  Bayernliag Nord


-- Image: Thorsten Schlereth (FC Sand, #6) shooting the 1:2 goal during the teams previous visit to Erlangen. --


Projected Starting 11: FC Sand- GK Geier, T. Schlereth , Karmann , D. Schlereth, Schebak, Steinmann, Rugovaj, Gonnert, Thomann, Bechmann, Zang

Reserves: Witchen, Rippstein, Albert, Lörzer, Zeiß, Durst, Moser, Wagner (Injured)

Trainer: Matthias Strätz


Projected Starting 11: ATSV Erlangen - GK  Jurkic, Kleefeldt, Geyer, Ort, Nyary, Meleleo, Daoud, Fischer, Marx, Piwernetz, Mandelkow

Reserves: ETW Kraut, Graine, Boakye, Sormaz, Ferizi

Trainer:  Shqipran Skeraj


     Sitting at 15th place on the ranking, FC Sand is hoping for a “re-start” that produces the some needed points. In the previous five games prior to the interruption of the corona virus, than Trainer Deiter Schlereth’s team was only unable to produce four points with a win and a tie. ATSV was also able to pull a minimal five points out of five matches, but were about to gain 16 points from the last nine matches against teams from the lower third of the rankings. The preliminary round, the ATSV Erlangen won 4:1 in a very aggressive game, with the majority of the goals coming in the 2nd half.

     Since the two teams meet last, a lot of changes have been made to the team’s rosters. ATSV’s roster is almost a completely different team than the opponents that played Sand in Erlangen. FC Sand’s roster has remained somewhat constant, with the few exceptions; one notably being a new Trainer, Matthias Strätz. Strätz has had a lot of success with his short time with the team during the preparation phase of the restart, where his team won the majority of the friendly matches. Sand also added Forward Max Schabek, who transferred to the FC during the corona break from the TSV Aubstadt (Regionalliga Bayern), to help secure the “klassenerhalt”. After seeing the positive outcomes from the test matches, a feeling of optimism is being felt towards the team's season goal of holding the league.


Matthias Strätz when asked about his feelings/expectations of heading into his first Bayernliga Nord game as Head Coach-

"Fühl mich super und freu mich sehr auf Samstag 💪🔥. Es macht ewig viel Spaß mit der Mannschaft zu arbeiten. Sie ziehen alle gut mit und man merkt das wir uns von Woche zu Woche weiterentwickeln".

Meine Erwartung:
Wieder als Mannschaft auftreten,
Wille, Leidenschaft,
jeder 100% für den anderen gibt,
viel reden, Körpersprache und die Vorgaben als Team wieder gut umsetzen.
Wenn wir das beherzigen ist am Samstag alles möglich...

     The “Re-Start” of the Bayernliga Nord will be started with 24th matchday on Saturday (19.09.2020 /16:30 hrs). This will also be the first match since the corona virus outbreak in which fans will be permitted to watch their team play.




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