Musik in Knetzgau Spielt wieder

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Image: The Knetzgauer Turngarten was filled with people being Serenaded by the Musikvereine Knetzgau.


     After several events being cancelled this year due to Corona safety restrictions, music is once again being played in Knetzgau. The Musikverein Knetzgau held an Open Air concert, “Serenade” in the Turngarten. This will be the first event held in Gemeinde Knetzgau in ca. eight months after the cancellation of events such as the Tanzgala (KSV Knetzgau) and the Open Air concerts in Oberschwappach from the Veranstaltungsservice Bamberg in June.


     Ca. 160 visitors attended the “serenade 2020” concert and there was a registration at the entrance to maintain the chain of infection. The public was asked to bring their own food/drink, as well as a camping stool for individual seating.


     The concert last a little under an hour and had a variety of music from classical to modern pop culture. The pop culture hits that were played- Eric Clapton’s “Laya”, “Wonderful Tonight”, “Tears in heaven”, along with Michael Jackson’s “heal the World”- were following the theme of healing during an uncertain time during this pandemic.


     At the end of the event, the orchestra finished with the Reservistenkameradschaft Knetzgau march out in formation with flaming torches to the “Kleiner Zapfenstreich”. The crowd was continuously clapping and an encore of the “Bayernhymne” was played as the crowd stood in respect to Bavaria. The audience seemed pleased to be able to attend the concert and have 90 minutes that captured a few moments of normalcy as a time before the Corona virus.


📷:: For Images from the event click the link below: 👇

Musikverein Knetzgau Serenade 2020



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