1.FC Sand loses friendly against WFV

September 08, 2020  •  1 Comment

05.09.2020_FCS-WFV_re-Blog05.09.2020_FCS-WFV_re-Blog -- Image: (fLTR) Jasmin Kadiric (Würzburger FV, #21) attempts to get his foot in front of the MOTM, Kevin Steinmann (1.FC Sand, #21), before he can get his shot off; Steinmann was fouled by Kadiric. --


Starting 11: GK Geier, Schlereth T, Schlereth D, Schebak, Steinmann, Rugovaj, Gonnert, Thomann, Bechmann, Zang, Moser

Reserves: Witchen, Rippstein, Albert, Lörzer, Zeiß, Durst, Wagner (Injured), Karmann (Injured)


During the test match against the Würzberger FV, Trainer Matthias Strätz had a few key decisions that needed to be made when positioning his starting 11. With two of his starters out, Andre Karmann and Sebastian Wagner out due to injury, Strätz had a chance to see how some of his players would fair playing a different role.


Without Andre Karmann sealing up the midfield, a clearly weaker line was apparent but would be quickly realized by the (My Opinion) “Man of the Match”, Kevin Steinmann (1.FC Sand, #21), which he was able to adjust to the role seamlessly. Without the reliable “#7” in midfield, it seems that there was more of a need to play the long ball from the defense forward to the strikers covering the corners.


In the 69’, a 5-man substitution was made in order to get everyone on the team some playing time.  The gameplay slowed after the substitution and the 1:2 goal fell in 81’. The goal was scored on a 1-on-1 fast break by Julian Wild (WFV, #14); GK Markus Geier (1.FC Sand, #22) flared out in a last-ditch effort to block the ball, but Wild juked around Geier and put the ball in the back of the net.

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 13.40.35Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 13.40.35

All in all, the “Korbmacher 11” clearly got more out of the test match since the Sander tried new tactics and players covering down on different positions/roles and will have a better understanding player’s strengths/ weaknesses in future matches. The WFV also had a player that was continually falling to the ground which was a huge hindrance and disrupted the flow of the game. Strätz said after the match that he was generally please with the performance of his team, but mentioned that a few more changes need to be made to get the full effectiveness out of his team. 

The Teams will be meeting again, with Fans, in a Toto-Pokale Match. This match will be played in Würzburg at 1400hrs. on 26.09.2020.

📷:: For Images from the game click the link below: 👇
1.FC Sand am Main vs Würzburger FV (Bayernliga Friendly)



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