1.FC Sand loses friendly against WFV

September 08, 2020  •  1 Comment

05.09.2020_FCS-WFV_re-Blog05.09.2020_FCS-WFV_re-Blog -- Image: (fLTR) Jasmin Kadiric (Würzburger FV, #21) attempts to get his foot in front of the MOTM, Kevin Steinmann (1.FC Sand, #21), before he can get his shot off; Steinmann was fouled by Kadiric. --


Starting 11: GK Geier, Schlereth T, Schlereth D, Schebak, Steinmann, Rugovaj, Gonnert, Thomann, Bechmann, Zang, Moser

Reserves: Witchen, Rippstein, Albert, Lörzer, Zeiß, Durst, Wagner (Injured), Karmann (Injured)


During the test match against the Würzberger FV, Trainer Matthias Strätz had a few key decisions that needed to be made when positioning his starting 11. With two of his starters out, Andre Karmann and Sebastian Wagner out due to injury, Strätz had a chance to see how some of his players would fair playing a different role.


Without Andre Karmann sealing up the midfield, a clearly weaker line was apparent but would be quickly realized by the (My Opinion) “Man of the Match”, Kevin Steinmann (1.FC Sand, #21), which he was able to adjust to the role seamlessly. Without the reliable “#7” in midfield, it seems that there was more of a need to play the long ball from the defense forward to the strikers covering the corners.


In the 69’, a 5-man substitution was made in order to get everyone on the team some playing time.  The gameplay slowed after the substitution and the 1:2 goal fell in 81’. The goal was scored on a 1-on-1 fast break by Julian Wild (WFV, #14); GK Markus Geier (1.FC Sand, #22) flared out in a last-ditch effort to block the ball, but Wild juked around Geier and put the ball in the back of the net.

All in all, the “Korbmacher 11” clearly got more out of the test match since the Sander tried new tactics and players covering down on different positions/roles and will have a better understanding player’s strengths/ weaknesses in future matches. The WFV also had a player that was continually falling to the ground which was a huge hindrance and disrupted the flow of the game. Strätz said after the match that he was generally please with the performance of his team, but mentioned that a few more changes need to be made to get the full effectiveness out of his team. 

The Teams will be meeting again, with Fans, in a Toto-Pokale Match. This match will be played in Würzburg at 1400hrs. on 26.09.2020.

📷:: For Images from the game click the link below: 👇
1.FC Sand am Main vs Würzburger FV (Bayernliga Friendly)



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