TSV Gochsheim vs. DJK Dampfach (TS)

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TSV Gochsheim vs. DJK Dampfach (TS)

So. 11.07.2021 /17:00 Uhr

11.07.2021_TVSG-DJKD_re-HepptGoal11.07.2021_TVSG-DJKD_re-HepptGoalHeppt Shooting the 1:1 in the 73rd Minute. Image: (fLTR)  Leon Heppt (DJK Dampfach, #20) shooting the 1:1 goal in the 73rd minute; Rico Gmehling  (TSV Gochsheim,11), Jan Deppert (TSV Gochsheim, #1).


Sportgelände Gochsheim, Platz 1 | Friedhofstr. | 97469 Gochsheim

Spielnummer - 144

Schiedsrichter - Tim Schoch

Assistenten - Marco Föller , Lou Stanton



Sunday Afternoon saw one of the best match-ups from the pre-season, with TSV Gochsheim (Landesliga Promotee) hosting the DJK Dampfach (Bezirksliga). The match start right of the bat with a yellow card given to Leon Heppt (DJK,20) for an aggressive tackle. Heppt would receive one of the four yellow cards shown to Dampfach, 8 total bookings in the match. Both teams thoughout the first half would seem relatively evenly-matched, with Gochsheim showing moments where they had Dampfach on their heals and eventually Marcial Weisensel (TSV,9) was able to put a close range shot by GK Niklas Götz in the 26th minute.


The second half was a completely different game for the DJK, with a few exchanges, Dampfach was able to keep the ball on the TSV half of the field for a majority of the time. Hatcher, Winter, Baumgärtner, and Heppt all have scoring chances in the final 20 minutes of play, with Heppt scoring in the 73rd minute to level the score. The defenses on both sides were proven to be highly effective with a blunder in the 82nd minute in which Hau made a careless tackle inside the box to give Gochsheim a penalty shot. The Penalty shot was handled with ease as Yasim Yücetag (DJK,99) blocks a poorly placed shot by Marcial Weisensel.


After the match Trainer Oliver Kröner (DJK) was very pleased with his team’s performance and he placed a lot of emphasis in the fact that he is prepared for the season to begin. The DJK seems to have let their winning spirit from last season carry into this pre-season. DJK Dampach has their eye set for a promotion, but there are a few other clubs that may stand in their way. The DJK has one more friendly match against Spfr. Unterhohenried next week before starting on the 25.07.2021 with their first point match the following Sunday.



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TSV Gochsheim vs. DJK Dampfach (TS)


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