Morale is high for Kröner's Dampfach

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PFE _Dampfach-UnterspiesheimPFE _Dampfach-Unterspiesheim




Germany, Unterspiesheim - 31.10.2021 - Fussball, Bezirksliga Ost - SV-DJK Unterspiesheim vs. DJK Dampfach




The DJK Dampfach continues to Shine

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Altbessingen is Looking For Revenge

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586 Scoreless Minutes

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Bayernliga Nord
1. FC Sand - TSV Karlburg

14.09.2019_ FCS-Karlburg-09214.09.2019_ FCS-Karlburg-092Deutschland, Sand am Main, SeeStadion - 14.09.2019 - Fussball, Bayernliga Nord - 1.FC Sand am Main vs. TSV Karlburg Bild: Christopher Gonnert (1.FC Sand, #12) Jubelt sein Tor in der 19'.


Contrary to the trend - 1. FC Sand did not manage  to win in the last eight games — and after 580+ minutes played without scoring, the home team should is planning for a successful match in the duel with TSV Karlburg. Last Saturday the performance of 1. FC Sand was sobering. Against the DJK Vilzing they conceded a 0-1 defeat in a relitivley slow match. TSV Karlburg last came to a 1-1 draw against DJK Don Bosco Bamberg— a team that beat FC Sand with a final of  2:0.

The attack of 1. FC Sand has been silent and hasn’t shown the willingness to fight for the the ball in the opponents half of the feild. Only 13 times did the team of coach Matthias Strätz put the ball in the opposing goal which is the lingering problem for the “Korbmacher 11”. Will today be the day that FC Sand finds the back of the net and breaks this horrible losing streak plaguing the club.

1. FC Sand isn’t the only team in this match with a problem at the forefront— TSV Karlburg, the guests, only scored twelve goals - no team in the Bayernliga Nord is worse. Markus Köhler’s team recorded only one win in the past five matches.

Both teams are in the same table region. Only three points make the difference. Both teams have taken three wins so far this season.

The last time these two teams meet in the SeeStadion, 1.FC Sand was shown two direct red cards (Ralph Thomann 60’,  Mert Topuz  64’), but was able to overcome the misfurtone to dominate TSV Karlburg with a final of 5:0. The season is a completly different story

given the new team roster and I wouldn’t expect the same one-sided results as the last meeting.

Who is the favorite? Thats hard to tell.  In view of comparable capabilities, the outcome of the game is completely open. Two teams that stand roughly in the same abilities and will have the game decided by the team spirit and the will to win.

Keeping the Winning Train Rollin'

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TSV MünnerstadtDJK Dampfach

Preliminary report

(BZL Ufr-Ost  Sunday, 4:00 p.m.)

DJK_Baumi_FBCoverBaumi Game Winner!!!Image: Robin Baumgärtner (DJK Dampfach, 25) scores an Empty-Net goal in the 90’+4. The Goalie was pushed forward for help with a corner kick in the final seconds and Dampfach countered directly after the kick.


     The DJK Dampfach wants to expand the successful streak of three victories at TSV Münnerstadt this Sunday. On the last Matchday, TSV Münnerstadt suffered their second defeat of the season against 1. FC 1906 Bad Kissingen. Last week the DJK Dampfach beat TSV Bergrheinfeld 3-1. Thus, the DJK Dampfach occupies second place in the table with 20 points (1 match less played than the current leader) . With 14 counters collected, TSV Münnerstadt is fifth in the ranking.


     The DJK Dampfach still remains the only unbeaten team left in the Bezirksliga Unterfranken Ost. Dampfach currently sits with an impressive six wins and two draws. The last few showings from Dampfach were solid, letting Trainer Oliver Kröner celebrate at the end of the match - DJK Dampfach got 13 points from the last five games. 26.09.2021_Dampfach-BergR_re-128Red Card for Heppt!Image: Leon Heppt (DJK Dampfach,20) gets sent off with a direct Red for kicking at a defensive player after the ball was out of bounds.


     Foremost, the offensive side of the DJK Dampfach must get the TSV Münnerstadt under control and effectively move the ball forward through the midfield. On average, Dampfach hits the opponent's net more than twice per game. Patrick Winter (DJK,11) will be returning  to the line-up after a short break, while Leon Heppt (DJK,20) will not be suting up for the next few matches due to being sent off the field with a red card for an unsportsmanlike foul. Heppt's block will also effect the team since they are scheduled to play position 3, SV/DJK Oberschwärzach, in the following week.


     The defense of TSV Münnerstadt will be trying to plan out a  way to hold the DJK Dampfach from scoring - nevertheless, the DJK Dampfach is slightly favored top win the match.

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