The Sander Travel to Gebenbach

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DJK Gebenbach - 1. FC Sand
Bayernliga Nord  (Saturday, 4:00 p.m.)



     1. FC Sand wants to finally stop the downward trend in the game at DJK Gabenbach after three games without a win. DJK Gabenbach recently coming off a 1:1 draw against the DJK Don Bosco Bamberg, they are in a better place mentally to overtake FC Sand on the leaderboard. During the last match 1. FC Sand suffered their fourth defeat of the season against SpVgg Ansbach. Matthias Strätz is hoping to end the winless streak and build on the 12 points that he earned quickly at the begining of the season.

     Both teams are in the same table region. Only two counters make the difference. Both teams have taken three wins so far this season. The DJK Gabenbach as well as the 1. FC Sand have shone little lately, so that both of the last five games only went off the field as winners once.

     Hopefully Joe Beckmann will be rejoining the starting 11 because his absences was clearly noticeable. The leadership from both Joe Bechmann and the Captain Andre Karmann to lead this young team to their next win. Both teams should expect the same chance of victory, 50/50. In any case, the opponents are close together in the standings.


DJK Hirschfeld to Host Dampfach

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DJK HirschfeldDJK Dampfach

BZL Ufr-Ost (Sonntag, 15:00 Uhr) 22.08.2021_Trappstadt-Dampfach_re-05622.08.2021_Trappstadt-Dampfach_re-056Germany, Trappstadt - 22.08.2021 - Fussball, Bezirksliga Ost - TSV Trappstadt vs DJK Dampfach

Image: (fLTR) Thiemo Persch (DJK Dampfach), Niklas Bauer (TSV Trappstadt,21)

Image: (fLTR) Thiemo Persch (DJK Dampfach) battles to keep ball possession against Niklas Bauer (TSV Trappstadt,21)


     The DJK Hirschfeld will be hosting the DJK Dampfach today at 1500 hrs, after having yet another free day due to a canceled match last weekend. Dampfach did have a Toto-Pokal Match against the SV Stammheim, which they breezed through that match with a very comfortable 0:5 (0:2) victory. The DJK Hirschfeld seems to be somewhat evenly match to Dampfach on paper, but the consensus around the league is that Dampfach is expected to be finishing the season towards the top of the leaderboard— an expectation that Trainer Oliver Kröner is reluctant to comment on since he wants to players to concentrate day-by-day, with no mentions win winning being a certainty.

     There was nothing to be gained at the last league appearance when DJK Hirschfeld had to admit defeat to 1. FC 1906 Bad Kissingen with 0: 2 on their own errors on the pitch. The Team from Stefan Nöthling will be looking to stop the in-sync offense consisting of Patrick Winter (DJK, 9), Leon Heppt (DJK, 20), and the strong substitute Robin Baumgärtner (DJK, 25), which has be playing very effective throughout the season.

     The previous yield of the DJK Hirschfeld: one win, one draw and two defeats, while Dampfach still remains undefeated this season. The balance is two wins and one draw.

Bayernliga Nord: DJK Don Bosco Bamberg - 1. FC Sand

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Bayernliga Nord: DJK Don Bosco Bamberg - 1. FC Sand (Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.)

Rudi-Ziegler-Sportanlage / Schiedsrichter: Maximilian Ziegler


04.07.2021_SCE-FCS_re-01904.07.2021_SCE-FCS_re-019 Image: Ralph Thomann (FCS, #14) in action during the test match against SC Eltersdorf.


     The DJK Don Bosco Bamberg wants to score big during this game against 1. FC Sand after coming off of two victories in a row. Last week the DJK Don Bosco Bamberg beat ASV Cham 1-0. The DJK Don Bosco Bamberg is now in the middle of the table with nine points. Mattias Strätz's FC Sand team are flying high after their thrashing victory over the Würzburger FV with a final of 4-0. There is a very small gap between these two teams, in expectations and current point standings. In the table, the teams are separated by just two points. Both teams have taken three wins so far this season.

     During this match of DJK Don Bosco Bamberg against 1. FC Sand, these two teams are set to play an opponent with equal footing in the league - at least a look at the current standings of the two teams suggests this. The main focus of this match will be focused on the two Forwards that are making an impact for their team, Simon Allgaier (DJK/ 4 Goals) and Timm Strasser (FCS/ 5 Goals). Strasser may be having trouble scoring today, if he is able to play, since he has been having troubles with a minor reoccurring injury that made his be exchanged in the last match against the WFV.

     Philipp Pfeiffer (DJK, 3) earned himself a Red card in the final minutes for their game against ASV Cham and will blocked for this game, which will come as a major advantage to Sand. Given that Sand has been having a good variety of goal scorers throughout their first seven (7) matches, Don Bosco will have to spread out covering more threats, while Ex-Bamberger Ralph Thomann will be holding up with Joe Bechmann on the opposite end.


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1.FC Sand am Main vs. SV Euerbach (TS)

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1.FC Sand am Main vs. SV Euerbach (TS)

So. 12.07.2021 /18:30 Uhr

Karmann GoalKarmannA. Karmann Shooting the 1:0 in the 41.minute. Image: Andre Karmann (1.FC Sand, #7) scoring the 1:0 with a head ball from a cross in the 41st minute.


Seestadion Sand, Platz 1 | Am Sportfeld | 97522 Sand a. Main

Spielnummer - 239

Schiedsrichter - Marcel Geuß

Assistenten - Lukas Weiß, Sascha Seifert



2:1 Final.

     A MUCH better performance today, with a 2:1 win against SV Euerbach. A win despite being without the leadership of Joe Bechmann in the back directing the younger player. This win will lift the spirit of FC Sand going into their final Test against FSV Erlangen Bruck on Saturday (17.07). Sand hopes to be holding their heads high going into the first point match, being the Derby against FC Eintracht bamberg (Home).

     Tim Strasser (FCS, 29) is looking to be the man up front that will be the leading factor to whether goals will be scored or not. Young, but aggressive and able to use his body to work the defense off of the ball, which we clearly saw during this match.

     Euerbach had a several quality scoring chances throughout the game, but Marcus Geier went the 1st Half without conceeding a goal and Alessandro Burkard's 2nd Half profomance allowed one goal. Burkard also earned himself his 1st yellow card (87') saving a potential goal from being score when he charged the attacking forawrd, tripping him up, in a one-on-one situation. The match ended 2:1, with Andre Karmann (38') and Tim Strasser (78') both finding the back of the net.  ⚽ ⚽



📷:: For Images from the match: Click Here👇

1.FC Sand am Main vs.SV Euerbach/Kützberg (TS)


TSV Gochsheim vs. DJK Dampfach (TS)

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TSV Gochsheim vs. DJK Dampfach (TS)

So. 11.07.2021 /17:00 Uhr

11.07.2021_TVSG-DJKD_re-HepptGoal11.07.2021_TVSG-DJKD_re-HepptGoalHeppt Shooting the 1:1 in the 73rd Minute. Image: (fLTR)  Leon Heppt (DJK Dampfach, #20) shooting the 1:1 goal in the 73rd minute; Rico Gmehling  (TSV Gochsheim,11), Jan Deppert (TSV Gochsheim, #1).


Sportgelände Gochsheim, Platz 1 | Friedhofstr. | 97469 Gochsheim

Spielnummer - 144

Schiedsrichter - Tim Schoch

Assistenten - Marco Föller , Lou Stanton



Sunday Afternoon saw one of the best match-ups from the pre-season, with TSV Gochsheim (Landesliga Promotee) hosting the DJK Dampfach (Bezirksliga). The match start right of the bat with a yellow card given to Leon Heppt (DJK,20) for an aggressive tackle. Heppt would receive one of the four yellow cards shown to Dampfach, 8 total bookings in the match. Both teams thoughout the first half would seem relatively evenly-matched, with Gochsheim showing moments where they had Dampfach on their heals and eventually Marcial Weisensel (TSV,9) was able to put a close range shot by GK Niklas Götz in the 26th minute.


The second half was a completely different game for the DJK, with a few exchanges, Dampfach was able to keep the ball on the TSV half of the field for a majority of the time. Hatcher, Winter, Baumgärtner, and Heppt all have scoring chances in the final 20 minutes of play, with Heppt scoring in the 73rd minute to level the score. The defenses on both sides were proven to be highly effective with a blunder in the 82nd minute in which Hau made a careless tackle inside the box to give Gochsheim a penalty shot. The Penalty shot was handled with ease as Yasim Yücetag (DJK,99) blocks a poorly placed shot by Marcial Weisensel.


After the match Trainer Oliver Kröner (DJK) was very pleased with his team’s performance and he placed a lot of emphasis in the fact that he is prepared for the season to begin. The DJK seems to have let their winning spirit from last season carry into this pre-season. DJK Dampach has their eye set for a promotion, but there are a few other clubs that may stand in their way. The DJK has one more friendly match against Spfr. Unterhohenried next week before starting on the 25.07.2021 with their first point match the following Sunday.



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TSV Gochsheim vs. DJK Dampfach (TS)